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2005 East of Equinox Farm Production Sale Rules


1.  Definition of the sale. 

Twenty one horses from the East of Equinox Farm Sales List will be offered in an on-line auction.  The list of horses will be posted on a website page, accessed through a link on the farm website <www.eastofequinox.com>.  The auction will be advertised through the website and through magazine ads.  Potential bidders may visit, and participate, in the auction through our website, or request the Current List of the horses and bids by email, by mail, by phone, or at the farm.


2.  Starting bids.

The minimum acceptable starting bid for each of these horses will be 1/2 of that horse’s advertised price on the sales list.  This acceptable starting bid will be posted on each horse’s page on the website and on the Current List, until replaced by a qualified bid.  The list will be updated regularly reflecting the current highest bid on all horses.


3.  How to bid.

Bids may be submitted directly from the auction website page, by email, by phone, by regular mail, or in person at the farm.  Bids will only be accepted if they raise the current bid by not less than the minimum bid increment specified on that horse’s page on the website.  Identical qualified bids will be awarded on a first received basis.  Bidders will specify the Lot #, the horse’s name as it appears on the list, and the amount of the bid they are submitting.  Bidders will be notified if their bid has been accepted, and/or if their bid has been replaced by a higher bid.


4.  Bidder numbers.

Bidders will be required to register their name, phone #, and address prior to their bid being accepted.  Names and addresses will be kept confidential.  Each accepted bidder will be given a personal bidding number, and the number corresponding to the current highest bidder will be posted next to that bid on each horse on the Current List.  East of Equinox Farm reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids at any time.  Bidders may be asked to provide references.


5.  Purchasing a horse before the sale ends.

Horses may be purchased and removed from the list at any time during the auction by offering the full purchase price as advertised on the sales list.  As soon as a horse is sold, the word “SOLD” will appear next to that horse’s name on the Current List.


6.  Time frame of the sale.

The Auction will commence on November 1, 2005 and conclude at 10:00 pm EST, November 30, 2005.  At the conclusion of the auction, any horse that has received a qualified bid in an amount equal to or above the minimum starting bid will be sold.  Bidding still actively occurring at the time of conclusion of the sale may be reasonably allowed to continue at the discretion of East of Equinox Farm.


  1. Horses that are sold will have a current negative Coggins test and Health statement provided to the buyer.  Mares that are sold and represented to be in foal will be checked to confirm pregnancy status prior to leaving East of Equinox Farm.  Mares represented to be in foal, that do not produce a live foal, will be allowed to be rebred to the stallion to whom they were originally in foal with no additional stud fee charged.  Standard veterinary and semen shipping charges may apply to the rebreeding of the mare.


  1. Horses that are sold in the sale will be allowed to stay at East of Equinox Farm until December 15, 2005 at no charge.  After December 15, if the horse has not left East of Equinox Farm, the purchaser of the horse will be charged standard boarding charges.  Transportation from East of Equinox Farm shall be the responsibility of the purchaser.

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